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Privileged Access Management

Hackers want access to your private data, and to get it, they need access to privileged accounts in your organization. Most high-profile security breaches are as a result of exploiting a privileged account. Find out how to reduce your exposure to these threats.

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Identity Management

Managing the Identity Lifecycle of a user is a fundamental element of good security practices in an organization. Automating provisioning and de-provisioning of accounts and managing user permissions based on business roles and functions provides productivity benefits and increases security posture. We at Assertiv Consulting believe that Identity Management should be at the heart of any digital transformation project . Reach out to us to discover how to get value from better managing the identity lifecycle.

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Identity Governance

Who has access to what in your organization? Is the access that that was assigned to a user still relevant to their job? Are there policies in place to restrict access to only what is needed for a job role? Manual security audits and processes are expensive, but we can provide technology to automate and streamline, resulting in greater security.

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Hybrid Cloud Integration

A mixture of Cloud infrastructure and applications is now the reality of most organizations in the world, big, small and in-between. In our experience with customers large and small, Identity is at the heart of many problems resulting from "moving to the cloud". Assertiv Consulting help customers keep control over the complexity of having user accounts transition from on-premise to a public cloud.

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Access Management

Single Sign-on is a great convenience for your users, but how do you stop the bad guys accessing your systems and still maintain good user experience? There are better ways than enforcing longer passwords and adding hard-to-use additional steps to the login process. Talk to us about risk-based approaches to access management and single sign-on to cloud apps, legacy apps, and custom-built software.

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Password Management

With our Identity and Access solutions, we can help you quickly and cost-effectively integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies across local, mobile and cloud environments.

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Digital Transformation Projects

Digital Transformation may mean different things to different organizations, but one thing is certain: Identity is an issue that needs to be addressed in almost every part of a transformation project. We know this because we have already been through the journey with customers large and small. Let us help your organization avoid the security compromises that can result in embarking on projects without experts in the field.

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Bespoke Software Development

Off-the-shelf products rarely solve all your problems. We at Assertiv Consulting realize this, and we have a team of software developments experienced in security, identity management and authentication to meet the needs where COTS falls short.

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